Vineeta Rupani was enchanted by the abundance of street art at Bhubaneswar in Orissa and took to painting. During her stay in Orissa, she was moved by the breathtakingly rich yet simple art forms of Eastern India and she found her passion in contemporizing the arts and the stories behind them. What started as a muse to fill in empty hours is now her joie de vivre.

Vineeta in her mundane avatar is a professor and teaches advertising and marketing. She is currently based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and spends a lot of time in Bangalore and Mumbai. She can be reached at

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Spring (Kalamkari inspired)

Growth (Kalamkari inspired)

My Picture Window (Kalamkari inspired)

THE Garden Series 1 (Kalamkari Inspired)

Through My Window (Kalamkari inspired)

Interesting Frolic 1

Interesting Frolic 2

Interesting Frolic 4

Interesting Frolic 5

Interesting Frolic 6

At a Glance

Joy 4


As Displayed

As Displayed

As Displayed